Ludum Dare 35 Results are Back!

Here we are once more, Ludum Dare results day; The unavoidable bastion of hype swiftly followed by dissapointment.

And boy did this one live up to that description.

Did it ever.

Coolness 94%
#93 Humor 3.41
#169 Innovation 3.64
#205 Theme 3.76
#381 Mood 3.04
#417 Overall 3.27
#488 Fun 3.10
#548 Audio 2.39
#550 Graphics 2.84

I mean, at least I broke #100. But on the feedback I had, I was expecting at least 3 below the 200 mark.
I’m gonna go sleep.

Postmortem: Did as well as I could, still not enough. Last ludum dare? Maybe. I don’t think it’s worth it.


Ludum Dare 35 – Shapeshift

It’s that time again folks – the most stressful weekend on earth is back again!

This time round I went for a significantly more… simple project. I made a monster builder! (basically a jumped-up doll dressup game)

It’s called

Yours, Monster – PLAY HERE




Ludum Dare 34 Results are in!

So, after 3 weeks of judging, Trump Inc Sim has been rated!
Out of ~3000 entries, here are my results:

Coolness 59%
#127 Humor 3.34
#668 Innovation 2.81
#785 Mood 2.42
#894 Overall 2.63
#895 Theme 2.87
#924 Fun 2.20

So, postmortem.
I’m… slightly disappointed. I was pleased with the mechanics – I viewed them as sound, but then again, I am biased. So let’s look at the feedback and see what I can do.

One massive complaint was how intimidating the game is, some appeared not to view the tutorial; this is totally understandable. The lack of an interactive tutorial might be a cause to this, I actually tried to do this, but couldn’t find a good way to do that in Angular. But that’s noted for any big games in the future.

Another complaint was being unable to understand the mechanics. I now realise that I didn’t put some of the more important mechanics (competitors, price calculation) on the help page. This is a pretty major flaw in design.

People did find the game entertaining – this was my main aim. I didn’t aim for mechanical perfection or visual superiority, I wanted to make people laugh. I achieved this, and for this I am happy. This is reflected in my humour placement – Top 5%.

So, overall, the main failings in Trump Simulator were documentation and presentation. These are definitely things that could have been improved given more than 48 hours. All in all, a positive result for Trump.


Skype4Py3 – My Port of Skype4Py

So, I use skype4py quite a bit, mainly because it’s fun and easy. But it’s not compatible with python3.x…

But now it is!

Original Project:

My Fork:

Happy skype-botting!

Source: Weebly


Ludum Dare 33 – You are the monster

So once again Ludum Dare has rolled around. Game development hell at its finest.

The theme this year was “you are the monster” – so I started with a reverse pacman kinda idea, but after playing around with pathfinding, settled on a zombie hoarde controlling game.

Pretty much, you control 4 zombies at the start of the game, and it’s your job to make them eat and then kill the last remaining human on earth.

In numbers:

  • Screenshots for timelapse: 13377
  • Hours to create the game: 48
  • Hours of sleep: 14
  • Hours of Work: 4
  • Red bulls : 3.5
  • Chocolate bars: 2
  • Meals missed: 1
  • Games: 1

Play Clicky Clicky Zombie Killy

Source: Weebly


Things that I gone and thunk: Linux DEs

So, with the multitude of Desktop Environments available in the linux world, I’ve gone and tried a few out, and for future reference and stuff, I’ll put my opinions here.

Throw-Up-In-My-Mouth Tier


KDE. No matter how much I try and use this, theme it, make it… usable, it always feels sluggish and looks awful. Not something you want for your desktop, eh?
Plus it takes like a full minute to start on my system. Ew. 
I cannot use this. 0/10


Ubuntu Unity. I’m not even going to write anything here. It just sucks.


Now I admit I haven’t used Gnome 3 very much, but it seems to be the default with all live CDs, and I’ve used plenty of them in my time. 
The whole “menu on another screen” thing really confuses me, plus there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of customisation.

Usable for laptops I’d think, but nothing more.

Special Tier


Awesome WM. I’m not used to tiling window managers, so this was a new experience for me. I can’t say that it’s going to replace my current DE, solely because it doesn’t like web browsers or graphical applications that much. They don’t tile right, and it kinda looks weird.

For CLI work or programming, it’s amazing, but for day-to-day work, would not recommend.

Good Tier


Cinnamon. I used this for quite some time, and I like it a lot. It’s very, very intuitive and the styling is something I really like. Plus you can make it all material-design-like and hnnnng.

One gripe I did have with it is that it froze occasionally. Not often, just enough to be annoying. This is the only thing holding it back from God Tier.


LXDE. It’s LXDE. There is literally nothing to say about it. It’s blazing fast and easy to use, but nothing ground breaking.

Highly recommended on low-power systems like the RasPi.

God Tier


XFCE. It’s the clear winner in my eyes.

Endless customisation, stupidly fast to boot and to respond, and it just werkz.


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